All About Comedy

Self-Expression through Finding the Funnier Side of Life

Think about your life and it will not take you long to discover that the best part about it is laughing. People watch comedy TV to lighten the mood or to lessen the depression of their everyday life. People love to hear a funny joke or see a music video that has a little bit of comedy in it. There are people you may know who are always good for making you chuckle and now, even text messages can be made a little funnier.

What Makes You Laugh Out Loud?

Do you have a fondness for stand-up comedy? Do you have a comedian that appeals to you more? Perhaps it is the greatest ventriloquist of all time that you love the most? Whatever makes you chuckle, there is always something to laugh at. Whether it is a joke that is on television, in the movie theater or up on stage in your favorite night club. People everywhere love to make other’s day a little brighter with a lot of laughter.

What is your favorite funny movie moment? Do you like the slapstick comedy of a truly goofy movie parody type movie or do you prefer subtle adult humor filled moments within your movies? Maybe, in your own opinion, the best funny moments are those jokes that you are always sending to your buddies by using Kawaii emoticons.

Make Your Text Jokes Funnier

Everyone knows that simple text words can get boring. Even if you tell a joke, not everyone will be able to tell that you are joking with them by saying it. With that in mind, whether you are a non-stop joker through text or just enjoy texting little sarcasm here and there, kawaii bear emoticons and the Kawaii emoticons list can certainly get your point across. It is all a part of showing the world, or at least all of your friends, how you mean for them to take your cute little comments back to them.

With cute little bear emoticons, you can show a big grin or put on your party hat. You can show your buddies a little laughter or your significant other a whole lot of love. If you are mad, take the time to show it through your text. Perhaps a joke that someone has told you made you feel a little sick? Whatever the case, there is an emoticon that will add more life to the text on your cell phone.

Explore Your Emoticon Options

Bear emoticons are fun to play with, but they may not appeal to everyone. For the people who would rather not have the cute bears to play with, there are a variety of other things on the Kawaii emoticons list that you can try out for fun. There are unique and comical faces, there are balls, kittens, people, hearts, and alphabet letters for you to spell out your humor in. There are faces with flowers, faces with text, and even food items with faces on them.

With the Kawaii emoticons list, there is something for everyone to enjoy and a whole new variety in the way you send your text to your friends. Especially, the humor filled texts that you love so much. Perhaps with time, they will also send you some new ones to add humor to their otherwise boring texts.