How to Dress Sexy Into Your 30’s

It’s not too late to dress up even at your thirties or fifties. Fashion and trend are not only for the young people. Although, taste and style may change through the ages, sophistication must remain.

Fashion at 30s

Not too glamorous not very mature, fashion at 30s is a challenge to remain subtle in your clothing choices. It’s time to invest in something that would enhance your professional look whether you are a career woman or a stay-at-home mom. Some may begin to gain weight, so get some stuff that would suit you incredibly well. Stay away from junks from the roadside vendors. It’s wise to invest on pieces that last. Fill your closet with quality collections including handbags, shoes, blouses, casual dresses and good-fitting jeans.

Shirts and Blouses

Printed shirts with elusive texts and emoticons speak more of your teenage years. Give away those pieces to your little sister. Otherwise, clear out your closet and give it to charity organizations. Pick shirts which are simple like colored V-neckline or round neckline. Most stylish agree that these sort of shirts are the most flattering pieces for any woman. Plain colored shirts in pastel color or the typical white and black are great choices especially if you wish to add accents with coats or jackets.  These colors match well too with dark pants and accessories.

Choose small sleeves which do not pucker. Sleeves should remain neat and flat on the surface of your arms. Try to measure the length. It should be around three inches below the waistline to ensure comfort and convenience whenever you need to move around. The shirt edges should be enough to cover the waist at the mid hipline.

The Skirts

Once you reached the age 30, get a little bit higher hemline one to two inches above the knee. Skirts enhance women’s feminine nature. Explore the classic styles through fashion magazines or visit fashion sites for the latest clothing fad for the season. You may be even tempted to learn how to start a fashion blog to document your fashion and style.Experiment by combining different cuts and material. Why don’t you try tailoring a customized skirt that would surely complement your figure? Women at 30s should have the pencil skirt. It’s a slim fitting skirt which resembles a pencil. It is typically knee-length skirt designed with straight line from waist to the hemline. Some may have slits at the back or side. Another skirt style is the A-line skirt. Just how letter “A” looks describe its cut coming with a narrow waist line expanding through the hemline. Non-pleated dark colored skirts are best options if you wish to trick those fats off. Next, we have the wrap around skirt. This style mimics saris. It works like a drape with a waistband which closes at the side or front.

General Tips in Choosing the Right Skirt Length

Long skirts suit all ages and most body types. Choose skirt fabrics which appear slim-fitting at the hipline especially for women with smaller frames.  Knee-length skirts look good with short legs while mid-thigh skirts are indeed fabulous with elongated legs.