Jillian Banks: A Breakthrough Goddess

Jillian Rose Banks is popularly known as BANKS is another rising star in the music industry. She is an American singer songwriter who is from LA, California. Her music is released under Harvest Records. At the age of 26 she now has a debut album called Goddess. Her official website is hernameisbanks.com. She started singing at age 15 and taught herself piano as a product of her feeling alone and helpless when she suffered the divorce of her parents. She could not express he emotions to her family and friends and instead expressed herself in music.


At first she used SoundCloud to share her music to the world and sites like AudioSpeakerGuide.com supported her work. She had a supportive friend who was able to pass her music among people in the industry who was able to make her music more appreciated. She Banks started working with Good years Recordings with her first single “Before I ever Met You” which was released February 2013. This song which was appreciated only by a few people in SoundCloud was now a sensation and was played in BBC Radio.

She received nominations from BBC and MTV late 2013. Her songs are said to capture the feeling of powerlessness in the world and the feeling of being lost.

Sleek Electronic RnB Music

Banks is not just another pretty face in the music industry but has talent in the music she creates. Her meticulously heartfelt lyrics combined with her carefully engineered music, she is able to reach not just SoundCLoud subscribers but a bigger stage. One of the things that makes you listen to her music on the loudest bluetooth speakers is her upper vocal register which sounds like a music goddess just waiting to conquer the RnB world. Her own style is waiting to be discovered not just by the US audience but can take the world stage as well.

She was named one of the artists to watch out for 2014 by iTunes. Her voice is magnetically addicting that critics are closely watching her go from a lonely helpless singer to an emotional RnB music goddess. Her fame is slowly rising and taking her to the top with nominations left and right over the web. Exposure from The Boston Globe and The Huffington Post escalates her stature more and lets her words and music be felt by all the other people who are “lost and powerless” in the world.

This rising star has all the emotion to share the world.What is common about this artist is their experience of being alone; their experience of not being loved.  A lot of people not only understand what they are singing about but also feel it deep within. Being able to relate to both these artists make the music world a small and yet connected world.