Pre Show Rituals

Superstitious T ShirtThere are a lot of preparations that go into every show whether it is for a singer, a dancer, an actor, or a comedian. Even though comedians do not have a lot of flashing lights and extreme stage props, there are still things to do to get ready before the show. The stage must be clean, the props that are required should be there, the comedian should be relaxed in that space, and more. All of these little pre show rituals are the key to success and it goes beyond the stage to where everyone gets ready to go in front of hundreds of people.

Pre-Show Staging

Mic Check Even though most comedians have a simple barstool to sit on and perhaps a table to put their water on, there are still things that have to be done right. Microphones have to be tested and clearly heard, stage lights have to be put in the right areas, and sound checks happen well before show time. If there is a prop that needs to be put on stage, it is also set out so that when the comedian is ready, they can simply pick it up. This depends on the comedian and the type of acts that they have planned, but overall, this is the easiest part of the show.

Freshening Up the Comedy

So Fresh So CleanA comedian that is on edge may not come across as funny as they want to. This defeats their purpose of making people laugh and a comedian who isn’t funny, isn’t really a comedian that people want to go see. Therefore, they have routines that are designed to relax them and get them ready for the stage. They go through their routine to make sure that they have it down, they relax, and may even nap a little before they go on stage. Most all of them enjoy taking a relaxing shower before they go out in front of their fans as well, which is why most comedy houses use the guide to double shower heads by Pro Shower Source when preparing dressing rooms. Then, immediately before show time, the comedians will have someone do their hair and makeup to ensure that they do not end up looking ghostly pale in front of the spotlights.

Let the Show Begin

Comedians have a great job. They have the ability to make people see the funnier side of life. It is something that we all need be more able to do. If a comedian is not happy or relaxed, they may not be able to make their fans see how funny life is. It is the same with their fans. Fans also need to be relaxed and receptive to the humor. Therefore, a good comedy show place has seating that is comfortable for everyone who is there to watch. These areas have to be clean and the ability to make people happy that they are there. This too is a part of the pre show ritual, but it continues throughout the show as well.