The Rise of Stand Up Comedy

People are nowadays are looking for good entertainment in their area. What is the best way to have fun? None other than visit a comedy bar.

comedyWhat is stand-up comedy? It is where a comedian performs a comic style performance in front of a live audience. It is not an easy task to be a successful comedian. You have to be witty and quick thinking when facing the audience.

As a performer or a comedian they are commonly known as

  • Comic
  • Stand-up comic
  • Stand-up comedian
  • Stand-up

When you visit a comedy theatre, you can see that the comedian perform funny jokes, stories, one-liners or special acts. Some comedians use music, magic tricks, props and other tools to amuse and entertain their audiences. They produce their acts or shows on CD’s, DVD’s and lately on media such as YouTube. These are aimed at people in other countries or people not fond of visiting the theatre. They can find these by searching the internet.

Rest assured when you visit comedy theatre, it will really lighten your mood. Surprise your loved ones with a trip to the theatre and all of you will really be having a good time. Sometimes stand-up comedians will use their audience and make fun of them, so don’t get offended by this act. One typical example is Jeff Dunham.

51QQSEB2BSLJeffrey Dunham or most commonly known as Jeff is an American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian. A ventriloquist is an act of stage craft in which a person can project his or her voice. They use a puppet or a dummy when doing this act. Jeff is very popular and he has visited a lot of countries to perform his shows. He uses the famous puppet named Achmed the dead terrorist and a few others. People who attends his show will have so much fun, even though he sometimes make fun of the people or even the country, they will still laugh about it.

So if you are planning to visit the comedy theatre, make sure that you won’t be easily offended. You can just have a good time and laugh with the crowd. After all it’s just a joke.

Being a stand-up comedian is quite hard because you will be facing live audience and their response to the performance is really important for the comedians act. As an audience, we expect to be well entertained. In this sense, comedians are always pressured to deliver funny speeches. Comedian like Will Ferrell has defined stand-up comedy as “hard, lonely and vicious.” It’s really not easy being a comedian. People have a lot of expectations from them. The artist should practice the comedy act before performing live.

Comedians usually perform their material while standing although there are comedians such as Bill Cosby who prefers to perform while sitting down. So it’s really up to the performer whether they will be bringing props, sit or stand. So if you feel lonely and bored at home, just go visit the comedy theatre near you.